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My weekend started off Saturday morning around 9am at Athleta- in Atlantic Station with my sister, who invited me to join her for Fire Fighter Fitness.

Fire Fighter Fitness is a high calorie/fat burning total body workout.

Our workout consisted of 3 rounds of  60 secs of 

Kettle Bell Swings, Full Range Sit-Ups, Lunges, Push-ups

Air Squats and Superman 

With Tababta Air Squats to Finish


I am so glad I accepted the challenge and got in a great workout. Our Instructor Nathan was great! He was full of energy and motivated us through out the workout. If you reside in the Atlanta/Buckhead/Midtown Area , I encourage you to try this class! Here is a preview of what you can expect. For more information on this class head over to  www.firefighterfitnessllc.com

Don’t Forget To Checkout Your Local Athleta for FREE Clasess!

photo (2)

(Pictured L to R: Larissa- My Sister/BodyBuiler/PT,  Nathan- Fire Fighter/Instructor, and Me)




We set them, write them down, make a resolution- but as time goes by they fall through the cracks, we forget about them, or just don’t try. Been there before? Yes, me too. Let’s look at a better way to achieving our goals.

First,  a goal is an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame.

There are 2 types of goals: Short-Term – Expect to achieve in near future (could range from a day to a few months) and Long-Term– Expect to achieve over a longer period of time (range from 6 months, a year, 10 years).

Whether you have a goal you want to achieve by the end of day or a goal you  are looking to accomplish twenty years from now here are a few steps to get you there:

  1. Choose a Specific goal- ( I want to lose weight so I can get off  medication)
  2. Create a Measurable goal – ( I will exercise 3 x a week and eat 3 -5 healthy meals a day to lose 10 lbs)
  3. Assign your goal-  ( I will lose  10 lbs by keeping a diet/workout log, hiring a personal trainer, or having my best friend keep me accountable)
  4. Make a Realistic goal- * you won’t lose 10 lbs in a week or 2 weeks,   Make sure your goal is feasible
  5. Have a Time-Based goal-  ( I will achieve my goal in 3 months)

In this process your goal becomes more specific and is broken down into steps so you can visualize how to actually achieve your goal. You got the tools. Go out there and achieve those goals!

How did  you include fitness into your weekend routine?

 What are some of your short and long-term goals?