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To all my new followers I am prepping to step on stage  July 19  as a  Bodybuilding and Fitness “BIKINI” Competitor.

This will be my 2nd show and I’m  looking forward to see the changes my body makes this prep.   I started my competition diet and training March 24, which will give me 17 weeks to transform my body to be stage ready.

I am 5 weeks in and these are my results so far: (Only a -8lb difference)

5 week transformation

5 week transformation


During my 1st prep it was pretty much trial and error, but I had gotten to the best shape of  MY life and dropped 12lbs and placed 5th! I got these results with my trainer.   After my show I rebounded hard. It wasn’t fast but all the weight I loss slowly crept up in about 6-7 months. I did gain some muscle.  “Off season” got the best of me!  I let myself indulge over indulge, but I had no regrets. I went to Mexico, Myrtle Beach, Mexico again, Miami, Dominican Republic, LA, and New Orleans and had a time of my life. I felt like I had to play catch-up and do/taste/drink everything I opted out of during my prep.  I guess this is what they call  “Post-Competition Blues”.


This prep I got a Competition Coach, who will guide me with diet, posing, any questions,comments, and or concerns.  I got my trainer to help push and change up my workout routines to keep my body guessing.  I am definitely more prepared this time around. I know what to expect during prep (the lows, loneliness, judgement, dedication, motivation, ambition, and drive), and what to do post-competition.  I am about 11 weeks out now!  My coach says I’m right on track, I can’t wait to see what package I bring to the stage this time.

Bodybuilding was one of the best decisions of my life! I love a challenge and this sport gives me that!  Through bodybuilding I learned:

1. I am mentally and physically strong

2. I can push myself beyond  limits I set for myself

3. I can achieve anything I put my mind to

4. DIET is everything! 

5. Everyone won’t support your dreams or your journey

6. Anything is possible if you try

7. There is only losing/failure in not trying