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When I started my fitness journey, I found it difficult to balance my social and fitness life. (Still a balance act today) I didn’t want to sacrifice my girl’s night, happy hour with co-workers, or my daily morning  jog.  As a young 20 something, working a full-time job, working to purse other dreams and goals, balancing family and friends, I was finding it to be challenging to create time for all these things. I’m always up for a challenge and after a few months I’ve created a formula that allows time for all the things I love: training for a fitness competition, vacationing to New Orleans, studying for a fitness certification, and celebrating friends and family.

Here are a few of the strategies that helped me find balance with my social and fit life:

Remember Your Goals.  Remind yourself of your health and fitness goals. Everyday, do an act that will get you closer to achieving your goal. If your goal was to run a 5k race, make a decision to run every morning or schedule a time that you clock your running for that day. Goal is to lose 5lbs, instead of ordering a Burger with French Fries with your friends, pick a healthier alternative and get the burger (no bun) or substitute the burger for a chicken breast and have a fresh side salad/vegetable. It is those little daily decisions that will take us to our goal.

Meal Preparation.  This has definitely been a life saver. I will prep my snacks, lunch, and dinner and occasionally breakfast (oatmeal) from 3 days to week. Doing this saves me time during the week to have to grocery shop, cook, and takes the guess work on what I have to eat. I like to make my life as simple as can be and this has been a key to that.  At the beginning of the week (Sunday or Monday) I will cook my food and bag/pack them for the days ahead, so the next day all I have to do is grab and go. Just think, cooking for 1hr – 1hr30min 1 day can save me about an 1 hour or more daily, which equals to from 7+ hours a week! Those extra 7+ hours is equivalent to a work day, daily workouts, a night on the town, that movie that came out last Saturday, or the diy project you’ve been wanting to tackle you saw on Pintrest. Take Time to Create Time.

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Create a Routine.  I found it easy having a daily routine, that did not change to balance my life. Wake up, workout, go to work, study, prepare dinner, bed… Creating a routine is a great way to keep you consistent.  It also allows you the flexibility to add other activities without sacrificing another. Creating a specific routine that works for you will take time, but will be worth it once you find one that fits your lifestyle.  Schedule your work outs into your daily life and try to be as consistent as possible to working out at that time daily.

Make Fitness Fun.  It is your night to pick the date or next social activity- how about a walk around the local park? Going to the rock climbing facility? Spending the day at the pool? Find and Create ways to make social gatherings more active. I know a lot of my friends won’t be jumping for a joy if I asked them to join me for a Saturday afternoon bootcamp, but what about a trip to Sky Zone? (Chose this as part of my birthday activities and had a lot of fun. Jumping around non stop for an hour- was tiring! Sweaty and All. We all had fun.)

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Put these strategies into action and be healthy and fit on the go!

What are some others way you balance fitness and your social life? Comment Below.