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In a couple weeks I will be leaving the country to go to PARIS for a week!  Bring on the wines, crepes, and crescents. I will treat myself to authentic french food, but will still be mindful of my fitness goals.

 ID-100112469Here is my plan to stay on track on vacation:

  1. Cardio – I will be exploring the city on foot. I know I will be clocking in 6-10 miles a day. Walk, Walk, and Walk everywhere. I plan on packing my jump rope as well to get in a 20 min HIIT workout in the morning. 
  2. Strength Training – Unfortunately, my hotel does not have a fitness center so I will be packing resistance bands to work my lower and upper body. Body weight exercises such a squats, push ups, and lunges will become my best friend on this trip. 
  3. Food Choices – I am not the biggest fan of breads and pastas, so I’m not worried there. But I try to eat most of my carbs early in the day or save them for post workout. I want to time my carbs to benefit my body the best. I will choose lean meats for lunch/dinner- chicken or fish, keep sauces to a minimum, and will pile on the veggies/salad to keep me full longer (fiber)

The biggest thing when going on a vacation is to have a planFail to Plan, Plan to Fail!  

What are some tips you have for vacationers? What are your must do’s while on vacation?  Share and Comment below. 

Safe Travels!