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It’s the first full week of the new year. This is the time we all have set new goals, resolutions, and ready turn over a new leaf and start fresh.  I thought I share yall a few of my goals for the year (please keep me accountable):

  1. Finish my Cookbook (Now you all will have access to my delicious recipes!)
  2. Keep the weight off I lose (Think this is something we all have battled with. Sometimes life hits you or we just really enjoy the holiday season)
  3. Try something new (Last year it was skydiving and trying out for Master Chef, this year???)
  4. Attend a fitness/ fitness blog conference (My sister attended 2 last year. She had so much fun and the knowledge/connections she made were invaluable.  Read more on her experience here.)

What do you all plan on accomplishing this year? What new things are ready to embark on? Please comment and share below. 

Take a look at these delicious cookies I made about a week ago. Flourless Cashew and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I am still working on the recipe to share with you all!

floursless chocolate chip cookies