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Fitting In

How many of us heard or used the excuse,  “I don’t have enough time to workout?”  I know I have! We wake up and the priorities of our life take over.  Some days are harder than others.  We spend majority of our day at our 9-5 and come home exhausted not wanting to do anything, but change into our lounge clothes and watch tv. What if in our 8 to 9 hours at work we could fit in fitness?

Here are 5 ways to fit in fitness at work:

  1. Change your Commute to Work; You can bike, walk, or park further from your job entrance to get extra steps in
  2. Morning Workout; If your job has a gym- USE it! Get to work 30-45 min early (you’ll beat traffic too) and get your workout in to jump start your day
  3. Lunch Break Workout– Your lunch break provides you with 30-45 min to yourself. Use this time for self improvement and go for a brisk walk
  4. Take the Stairs– Instead of using the elevator to go up 3 floors for that next meeting, take the stairs
  5. Stretch throughout the day– This is important especially for those who have desk jobs. Every 20-30 minutes get up an stretch, it will wake up your body and keep you energized throughout the day

What are unique ways you add fitness to your daily routine? Comment and Share below.