A.M. Cardio Burn Circuit!- No Equipment Required                                                                                                                                                                                            (Approx. 25 minutes, 250 cal burned)

Warm up: 30 sec of each move x2

March in Place, Jump Rope, Shoulder Rolls, and Jumping Jacks

rest 60 secs- grab water and get ready to begin

Circuit 1: x3

30 sec Jump Rope

60 sec Jump Squats

30 sec Bicycle Abs

rest  60 secs

Circuit 2: x3

30 sec Jumping Jacks

60 sec Burpees

30 sec Plank to Push-Ups

rest 60 secs

Circuit 3- Last Circuit: x3

30 sec Walking Lunges

60 sec Mountain Climbers

30 sec Flutter Kicks

All advice, tips, and workouts of AlicaMonaeFitness are based on books, teachings, and personal experiences.  Readers of this blog should consult a physician or nutritionist before starting any new program.  AliciaMonaeFitness  is not responsible for any injuries or dietary issues. Your participation from this blog is your own responsibility in its entirety.


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